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Websites can be vital – if you get the design, content and name right!

Websites can be very important, but only if you get them exactly right – including the ideal domain name for you, writes author and former Sky TV executive Tony Flood. I have been lucky enough to have what I consider to be three excellent #websites designed for my requirements, and you may like to look at them to […]

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I have two recommendations for theatre and cinema fans – see gripping thriller Strictly Murder, one of the best stage plays written by Brian Clemens, and get the video of that old classic film Casablanca!

Strictly Murder, which continues on tour until September after it’s last performances at the Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne, today (April 8th), has a great plot and a wonderful cast.

Director Brian Clemens, son of Brian, and producer Patric Kearns have assembled an extremely talented cast in Brian Capron, Gary Turner, Corrine Wicks, Lara Lemon and Andrew Fettes.

Having a great plot and wonderful cast is always a winning formula as was the case with Casablanca, which starred Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Sydney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre.

It’s amazing in this age when film actors are paid millions that Casablanca remains one of the greatest ever films despite having such a low budget of under £840,000 back in 1942.

And it’s equally amazing that Bogart and Bergman seemed to have such chemistry in some iconic scenes because Bergman was two inches taller and it has been claimed that Bogart snubbed her off screen.

Well, that’s show business!


Tony Flood Blog

By Tony Flood, award-winning author of celebrity book My Life With The Stars, thriller Triple Tease and fantasy adventure The Secret Potion.

How many people are influenced by reviews before they buy a product on-line, particularly a book on Amazon or other sites?

The experts say that potential customers are greatly #influenced by #book #reviews.   ARE YOU?

And, if so, what is the minimum number of good reviews you would expect to see?  Does it come down to QUANTITY v QUALITY?

See the statistics quoted – and views given – on my site, and please add your opinion.

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And if you would like to enjoy some laughs, also look on this site for some links that should provide you with plenty on my youtube videos.


youtube.com       My warning on youtube about Harry Potter and The Secret Potion sees me…

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Humour is a great way to get a message across and, if you would like a good #laugh, then I suggest you look at couple of links below that should also entertain you.

First, I would like to mention that my husband Tony and I are trying to raise money for Children with Cancer UK by giving donations to them from the sales of our books – at specially reduced prices. My Mousey Mousey series for children, one of which went to No. 1 in it’s category in the Amazon Top 100 list, and Tony’s fantasy adventure The Secret Potion can be checked out on http://www.fantasyadventurebooks.com while Tony’s celebrity revelations book My Life With The Stars, featuring Elvis Presley, Joan Collins, Frank Sinatra, Muhammad Ali and a host of other stars can be found on http://www.celebritiesconfessions.com

The first of the humorous links is on the MrTONYxFLOOD channel on You Tube which you can reach at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Gm79i0i3ydiYpxB64bgMw and if you look at WARNING ABOUT HARRY POTTER AND THE SECRET POTION after almost 3 minutes you can see my husband Tony being smoke-bombed, blown up and finally meeting an even more dreadful fate at my hands!

This shows how you can use #humour on short videos on You Tube to increase awareness about your books or the service you are offering.

There’s also some good humour, anecdotes and #celebrity #revelations in a short extract of Tony starring with former West End actor Alan Baker on TV programme When Variety was King, the direct link to which is http://youtu.be/YCOW9_GPKkc