Author Heather Flood has proved that it is ‘never too late’ with the publication of her much acclaimed new children’s book Purple Mist.

Heather reveals: “I first started writing this story 19 years ago, but then I put it to one side and got on with my life. Despite suffering from migraines which affected my memory, I returned to my manuscript last year, and when Atla Publishing saw my up-dated version they wanted to publish it. So it’s never too late to turn a story into a book!”

The Mayor of Eastbourne, Councillor Gill Mattock, praised Heather and her husband and fellow author Tony Flood when launching Purple Mist at the Cavendish Hotel, Eastbourne. She said: “Heather and Tony are great examples of the writing talent in this area.”

Purple Mist is a fantasy adventure that tells how schoolgirl Annique discovers on her 13th birthday that she is actually from a different planet where she is a Princess. She is told a spaceship is waiting to take her back to help topple the evil king who killed her parents.

This enthralling, unique story has been endorsed by actor Brian Capron, of Coronation Street fame, and best-selling author Ellie Dean, both of whom attended the book launch.

Heather, who has also written the Mousey Mousey series and Giant Sticker Monster children’s books, says: “I am indebted to my husband and fellow author Tony for encouraging me to complete Purple Mist. He also took a break from his own books, The Secret Potion and My Life With the Stars, to edit Purple Mist for me.”

Heather and Tony are giving donations to Children with Cancer UK from sales of their other books, signed copies of which are available on and 


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